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Russell Engine Generator
Essential Services
Homeland Security
Personal Energy Security
Military Applications
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The Eng/Gen will provide the means to eliminate unnecessary vehicle fuel consumption, air pollution and heat emissions.

  • Millions of gallons of fuel are wasted every day in cars, trucks, busses and trains in the US alone. The Eng/Gen will eliminate this waste.
  • The heat and air pollution caused by unnecessary fuel consumption will also be eliminated by the Eng/Gen.

Whenever cars, trucks, busses or trains are stopped and idling, fuel is being wasted and avoidable heat and air pollution is being produced. The Eng/Gen can easily stop this waste and pollution.
The Solution:
Electric Vehicle + Eng/Gen + Small Battery Pack = Zero Wasted Energy

Essential Services

The Eng/Gen will provide dependable and affordable full time or emergency backup power for critical services that can never be without electricity.

Examples of critical services that must have electrical power - 24/7:

  • Hospitals
  • Police and Fire Stations
  • Air Traffic Control Facilities
  • Emergency Radio Stations
  • Water Pumping Stations
  • Cold Food Storage Facilities
  • Electronic Data Storage Facilities
  • All Military Facilities Worldwide

Homeland Security

Homeland Security does not exist without full time electrical power everywhere in the nation.
The security for our nation demands reliable electrical power. Currently, large generating plants in close proximity are vulnerable to:

  • Terrorist Attack
  • Natural Disasters
  • Aging Grid Infrastructure
  • Aging Generation Equipment
  • Ever Increasing Demand

A failure in any plant increases the load on all neighboring plants further overtaxing the national grid. Russell Engine/Generators distributed across our nation and attached to the grid will eliminate these vulnerabilities.

Personal Energy Security

Personal security does not exist, for you or your loved ones without reliable electrical power.

During a power failure, the Eng/Gen in your car can deliver dependable electrical power for residential use providing:

  • Heating or Cooling
  • Cooking and Lighting
  • Communication and Entertainment Devices

At the job site your truck can supply the power you need to operate:

  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Welders and Machinery
  • Power Tools
  • Lighting and Heating

Military Applications

The military cannot effectively operate without reliable electrical power for all facets of operation.

For the military the rugged and dependable Eng/Gen offers substantial advantages over conventional technologies in:

  • Size, Weight and Power Density
    • Ideal as a primary drive and auxiliary, high power electrical provider. Useful in land, air and water based vehicles for propulsion, stealth operation, communication, electronic defense and electronic weaponry.
  • Advanced Applications
    • Substantial increases in useable interior space for personnel, equipment and supplies will be realized in all future military vehicles using the Eng/Gen.
  • Dependability, Durablity and Long Service Life
    • Ideally suited for hostile environments.
  • Low Maintenance and Plug-and-Play Flexibility
    • Replaceability in the Field
  • Affordability and High Efficiency
    • The Eng/Gen will offer greatly reduced cost as well as logistical demands for fuel and service especially in remote applications.
  • Common Field Uses
    • Hospitals
    • Food
    • Laundry
    • Personal Services
    • Communications
    • Strategic and Tactical Applications
    • Strategic and Tactical Equipment

Global Energy Solutions

The Eng/Gen will provide dependable and affordable electricity for everyone, anywhere in the world.

Stationary and portable energy for individuals, communities and industry, in fixed or transient locations, to provide:

  • The basic needs for individuals & communities
    • Refrigeration for Food and Medicines
    • Lighting
    • Communications
    • Quality of Life Applications
  • Advanced Remote Applications and Services
    • Disaster Relief
    • Water Treatment and Irrigation
    • Farming
    • Mining
    • Exploration

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