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Eng/Gen Home National Security

Electrical energy is the foundation upon which all our security rests. To maintain National Security, dependable stationary and portable electricity is required all the time, everywhere. The Russell Eng/Gen will ensure safety and security.

Typical large power plants in close proximity are vulnerable to:

Terrorist Attack

Major Threats:
  • Cyber Attack at Power Plants and Distribution Centers
  • Destruction of Power Plants and Distribution Centers
  • Destruction of Transmission Towers and Main Power Lines
  • Destruction of Poles, Transformers and Local Power Lines

Long term interruption of our current electrical supply would have catastrophic consequences. Our National Security would be greatly enhanced if there were many, smaller power stations spread across the entire national power grid.

Interruptions would be limited to smaller areas, eliminating a Domino Effect power failure. Portable Eng/Gen equipped utility vehicles will provide interim power during the repair process to the affected areas.

Natural Disasters

Naturally occurring catastrophic events can cause an interruption of power and could result in a Domino Effect over large areas. These events can be caused by:

  • Earthquakes
  • Hurricanes or Tornados
  • Fires or Floods
  • Snow or Ice storms
  • Excessive Heat or Cold

Natural disasters are inevitable. Restoration of electrical power as soon as possible after a disaster has occurred is essential to restoring safety and security. The Eng/Gen is ideal for these applications.

Aging Grid Infrastructure

Dependency on the millions of miles of aging transmission lines, towers, poles, transformers and distribution centers is dangerous. Ever increasing loads put us at greater risk.

  • Reducing the load on the infrastructure extends its life.
  • Reinforcing the current grid reduces load on the infrastructure.
  • Smart Grid Technology will reinforce the grid by distributing solar, wind or generated electrical energy provided by individuals, or private companies.
  • Local Eng/Gen powered generating stations will reinforce the grid.
  • Local Eng/Gen stations will be small and unobtrusive.
  • Local Eng/Gen stations using abundant natural gas resources will reduce energy costs.

Reducing load will extend the life of the infrastructure by adding smaller, closer generating stations using abundant natural gas resources.

The Russell Eng/Gen will convert natural gas into usable electrical energy while reducing the load on the expanding grid.

Aging Generation Equipment

Older generation equipment operated within its design parameters is expected to serve dependably for many years. Increased demand pushes these generators to the limits of their design. Reduced loads will boost reliability and service life.

  • The Eng/Gen combined with Smart Grid Technologies provides load reduction and reduced pressure within the current system.
  • Privately owned stationary or portable Eng/Gen units, can connect and sell electricity back to the power companies.
  • The sale of electrical energy to the power companies reduces loads on aging generation equipment and provides a revenue stream to Eng/Gen owners

These exciting new technologies are the fastest and least expensive way to provide the nation, and all who live in it, with a secure and dependable electrical power supply.

Ever Increasing Demand

Normal growth and the reluctance to have large power plants near communities, increases the risk of frequent long term, catastrophic power failures.

Power plants subjected to higher loads are prone to failure.

  • Power plant failures force neighboring plants to carry even greater loads.
  • Neighboring plant failures can promote the Domino Effect.
  • The Domino Effect is a series of catastrophic failures affecting large populated areas.

Heavy use of air conditioners during a very hot day, could start the Domino Effect which is difficult to stop, dangerous to the population and expensive for the nation.

Growth does not have to stop. A large network of small power providers, will ensure safety and security for the nation. The solution is simple, affordable and reliable the Russell Engine/Generator.

Dollars and Sense

It is economically unrealistic to replace the grid or construct new power generation facilities in these times. Common sense dictates preparing for your family and the nations energy requirements.

  • Energy independence through the Eng/Gen technology strengthens the existing infrastructure by reducing demand on the system.
  • Smart Grid Technology combined with the Eng/Gen will allow reduced electric utility bills for the owner and strengthen the grid.
  • Every Eng/Gen will serve to increase the safety and security of our nation regardless of location.

The Eng/Gen makes sense.