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Eng/Gen Home Environmental Impact

Although there have been great advances in clean energy, the wind does not always blow, waves are not always high enough and the sun does not always shine. Regardless, our need and dependence on economical and reliable electricity is ever growing.

  • Demands for electrical energy are constant and critical to our most basic needs. There will always be a need for dependable turn key electrical energy.
  • Future generations rely upon our good judgment to use natural resources in the most efficient and responsible way.
  • Hydrogen, the fuel of the future, is the cleanest and most abundant of all fuels. When it can be economically mass produced, it will be the fuel of the present.
  • Hydrogen can be converted directly into electrical energy by the rugged, dependable and affordable Eng/Gen.
  • Converting todays fuels into electrical energy using the Eng/Gen, will be cleaner and more efficient than current methods.
  • The Eng/Gen is a dependable, turn key source of clean electrical energy.

The Russell Engine/Generator is our energy bridge to a cleaner, more fuel efficient future.