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Eng/Gen Home Energy Independence

Energy independence requires a new system that is focused on "waste not, want not". When it comes to energy, waste is the use of any device or system that uses more energy than is required to accomplish the task at hand. The Russell Eng/Gen provides for the elimination of waste, especially in:

  • Vehicular applications when combined with a Series Hybrid Drive System eliminates waste.. 63.6 million gallons of gasoline may be wasted per day in the US alone, from cars operating at idle.
  • The Eng/Gen is specifically designed to improve efficiency in electrical energy production.
  • The United States is only dependent on foreign energy derived from oil. Greater emphasis should be placed upon the development and use of our vast reserves of natural gas. The Eng/Gen is ideally suited for the efficient production of electricity with natural gas.

Maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness may be achieved by placing Eng/Gen units at or near natural gas wells, converting the gas resource on site into electricity and routing it directly to the grid.